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Name:Amy G 

My name is Amy and I represent OnlineDegreesinEducation.org. Recently our site published an article titled 10 Trusted Tips for New Teachers. Our article may be viewed here: http://onlinedegreesineducation.org/tips-for-new-teachers/

Our mission at OnlineDegreesinEducation.org is to help education professionals along with those looking to enter the education career field. To accomplish our end goal we have numerous resources on our webpage for educators to reference. Our article 10 Trusted Tips for New Teachers is one such resources. It outlines some time tested strategies for hitting the ground running when you are a new teacher.

My team and I are interested in expanding the base of our readership with this article. If you feel that our article is something that your readers will benefit from then please feel free to share it. Also, please contact me with any thoughts, ideas, questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.


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